Breast cancer & Color Doppler ultrasound

In recent years, the incidence of breast cancer is increasing year by year, has the second highest female malignancy. Breast cancer treatment and prognosis depends primarily on lesions found in the morning and evening. Hence, early diagnosis of breast Love is the key to improving patient survival. Location of superficial breast tissue, interference factors, less is applied to ultrasound. Breast ultrasound has a simple, safe non-invasive, repeatable inspection advantages, patients easily accept.

Who needs to do breast CDFI?

Clinically, ultrasound is mainly used for examination of breast lobular hyperplasia, inflammation, cysts, fibroids, and breast cancer and other diseases, especially in the identification of benign and malignant breast masses and found that early breast cancer, check whether the enlargement of axillary and supraclavicular lymph nodes, the clinical diagnosis and treatment can provide a reliable basis.

Ultrasound imaging technology has improved steadily, particularly the color Doppler ultrasound technologies emerge, so that the internal structure of breast mass, size, shape, edge, the number of internal blood vessels, blood flow distribution, and its surrounding tissues relations, etc., can be clearly displayed. Doctors can detect the basis of these data, the initial mass to determine the nature of. In short, whenever found to have breast lumps, are put through an initial specific mass nature of the color Doppler ultrasound examination.

Check Memorandum

1, check the day of Yichuan “cardigan”, to facilitate inspection.

2, inspection, checking the patient lying in bed, fully exposed breasts.

3, the doctor first of all observe the patient’s breast and nipple appearance of whether there are changes, parallel breast palpation in order to understand the size and location of tumor. Subsequently, in order to focus on the nipple area scan, observe and record mass of the shape, texture, borders, with or without capsule, the internal availability of calcification, and so on, and finally color Doppler to detect lumps in and around the blood flow conditions.

4, the doctor out of inspection reports.

CDFI How to determine the nature of breast lumps?

1, breast lumps form

Invasive breast border is the main characteristics of love in the color Doppler ultrasound on the often shown as Crab-like glitch sign, etc.. Clear boundaries, shape the rules are mostly benign breast lumps.

2, the axillary lymph nodes supraclavicular

Regular circumstances, this is not two parts of the lymph node enlargement of, and to teach the soft texture. At the same time that those who have breast lumps found that two sites are lymph nodes, and can not find enlarged lymph nodes caused by other reasons, then a high degree of suspicion of breast lumps are malignant.

3, tumor calcification within the audio-visual

Calcification of great value in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Calcification of breast cancer is characterized by needle-like or tiny sand-like calcification, high-resolution color Doppler ultrasound is very easy to find lumps of calcification.

4, tumor blood flow within and around the

Love of breast fibroids can stimulate the body produces a vascular endothelial growth factor, would stimulate angiogenesis, and form a rich network of blood vessels. Color Doppler ultrasound usually manifested within or around the tumor blood flow rich, and sometimes can be found within the tumor blood vessels perforating branches, especially the arteries.

In addition, experienced physicians can also be combined with clinical color Doppler ultrasound on the tumor characteristics, if no abnormal nipple discharge, skin cancer can face any orange peel-like change, and contact with the hardness of mass, activity levels, to enhance the judge accuracy.


Although the color Doppler ultrasound to find small breast lesions, to determine the nature of mass, as well as to accurately locate the tumor more value, but non-specific ultrasound diagnostic imaging, many more similar lesions, benign and malignant images are cross-cutting, often misdiagnosed or missed diagnosis. Therefore, patients with breast lumps line color Doppler ultrasound examination, they shall be to a specialist treatment, comprehensive judgments by doctors and to determine the best treatment plan was not to go its own way.

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