80% of women have breast hyperplasia

Recently, many units are arranged workers to carry out an annual physical examination, many women are doctors that read: “Some of your breast hyperplasia ah.” It’s so many ladies are very tense, fear and breast cancer Guashang Gou. Experts believe that we need not be so nervous, by the proliferation of breast cancer, the probability of evolving into a very small, so long as to adjust their emotions, relieve stress, together with a number of treatment, breast hyperplasia is not a threat to health.

70% to 90% of women have problems breast hyperplasia

Judging from the current situation, the incidence of mammary gland hyperplasia has been an upward trend. Previously, such problems are mostly over the age of 20 to 50-year-old woman, but now patients with breast hyperplasia there is a clear younger, teenage girls in the not uncommon. Patients with breast hyperplasia mainly middle-aged women. Although it is not universal, specific surveys, but the hospital medical out-patient situation, there is the issue of women can breast hyperplasia accounted for all to check the women’s 70% to 90%, this is the case, the incidence rate is very high The.

Spiritual factors have a great impact

Caused by hyperplasia of the reason is very complex and the views of the experts so far not entirely consistent, but there are two factors that we are more accepted. One is the endocrine disorder, if the female body is not the amount of ovarian hormone secretion in normal, prone to such problems on. The performance of endocrine disorders are excessive menstrual flow or too little, menstruation is not a very accurate and so on.

Another important factor is the mental element. Professor Lu said the passing of the days before we were almost dry, like a living, take the same money, there is not much conflict of interest. Now is different, society progresses, each person’s treatment, the opportunity to vary, it is difficult to maintain the peace of mind. Moreover, the modern mental pressures was a great community for everyone’s requirements are improving, while a woman in work, interpersonal relationships, family situation also may no longer be as smooth as before, but full of change factors, some of Women thus appear caused by mental factors, endocrine disorders, autonomic disorders, or sleep well, bad temper, which would have adverse effects on the breast. There are, it is now eating well, have high blood pressure, high blood sugar disease a lot of people, which tends to occur endocrine disorders of women, estrogen, progesterone levels and glandular structures a certain degree of disorder.

Mammary gland hyperplasia does not mean breast cancer, there is hyperplasia of women need to guard against four kinds of situations

Breast hyperplasia and breast cancer have a direct relationship, is still uncertain. Some experts believe that cystic hyperplasia of mammary gland hyperplasia in the development of the organization continued to necrosis in the body affected by this chronic irritation, will not appear cancerous is hard to say. However, look at current research, only about 3% to 5% of the patients had breast cancer proliferation. From another perspective, because breast cancer is a very slow development of cancer, what measures are not taken in the circumstances, it needs 33 months to happen, so even if there is breast cancer, as long as the active treatment also have a solution the patient’s burden of not thinking too much.

There is hyperplasia of women at the same time have the following situations if the need to guard against: the first is there a longer time of breast hyperplasia, and second, a lot of hyperplastic nodules Mo Shangqu Obviously, 3 is his age of 40 to 60 years period of high incidence of cancer among the four is a family history, if the combination of these factors, women should pay special attention to changes in the body to avoid health hazards.

Monthly breast self-examination is very important

For ordinary women, breast self-examination is very important. Month should find a time to lie down or sit down with four fingers, feet close together, flat with ÞÛ their breasts, there is no sense of what parts of a foreign body sensation, if feels less peaceful, it could be a long tubercle position.

Check time to pay special attention to the outer top of the breast, because the largest part of the gland, 45% of breast hyperplasia will occur here. In addition to these more common outside the top inside the top, inner bottom and outer bottom and areola may occur at hyperplasia. Some women will as menstrual changes, breast swelling, mild pain, which is normal phenomenon.

Nodular, but not diffuse, nodular small is not hard, you can take to eat a cure for proprietary Chinese medicines, or eat a number of western endocrine regulation. If it is severe diffuse hyperplasia, often pain medication does not improve, and the duration of the meet in 2023, you can choose surgery to solve this problem. Doctors generally suggested that nodules feels a lot of very wide range, while the merger lymphatic problems, there is bloody discharge occurs or has a family history of female breast cancer surgery, while the process of the surgery carried out pathological examination to exclude the risk of cancer . If they belong to such a serious situation, but do not want surgery, you will need every 3 to 6 months went to the hospital once, to avoid deterioration.

Women to maintain a regular life and not allow yourself to be too tired at the same time, learn to relax the mind, reduce the burden on oneself, is a more healthy lifestyle.

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